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The twisted killer of a pregnant mum took her body and buried it in his garden when he moved home two years after she vanished.

Mum-of-three Debbie Griggs, 34, disappeared from her home in Deal, Kent, in May 1999.

Her body was never found but 20 years later her husband Andrew Griggs was convicted of her murder and jailed for life.

Now – after cops confirmed they had found her remains 180 miles away in Dorset – it has emerged that he took her body with him and buried it in his garden.

Debbie’s sister, Wendie Rowlinson, posted on Facebook : “In short, two years after he murdered her, he moved house and actually took her with him.

“Then buried her in the back yard.

“PM (post-mortem) confirmed it is definitely her, plus her unborn (18 week) son. Lots of unbelievably nasty details.

“But for me, the most unbelievable thing is that he took her to the new house.

“I truly don’t think any murderer has done that before.”

Griggs was found guilty of Debbie’s murder in October 2019, following a cold case review by detectives from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate.

However her body remained missing until police received a tip-off two weeks ago suggesting her remains may be in the garden of a house in St Leonards in Dorset, where Griggs had moved in 2001.

On Wednesday, October 5, police discovered human remains including teeth fragments which specialists odontologists confirmed had belonged to Debbie.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kimber of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said: “It is now more than 20 years since Debbie Griggs was murdered by her husband but we have never given up hope of one day finding her remains and giving her loved ones some closure.

“Andrew Griggs denied being responsible for his wife’s disappearance but this discovery is further proof that he was lying all along, causing even greater anguish for everyone who knew and loved Debbie.

“Whilst they continue to mourn her tragic loss to this day, I hope they can take some comfort in the knowledge that she can now be laid to rest.

“We will continue to keep Debbie’s family updated on the progress of our ongoing inquiries and provide support to them at this difficult time.”

Kent Police says further tests will now be carried out to establish the cause of her death and enquiries will also be made to establish how Debbie’s remains came to be at the property.

Griggs had denied murder and claimed to be asleep when his wife left home for the last time.

Justice Robin Spencer, sentencing Griggs, said at the time: “Her body has never been found, only you know how you killed her and where you disposed of her body.

“You told lie after lie in the witness box, just as you did at the time of Debbie’s disappearance.

“In murdering your wife you destroyed the life of that unborn child as well.