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Newcastle owners want women’s team to become best-supported in England

Newcastle’s sporting director, Dan Ashworth, has said the club’s women’s team is a priority for its majority Saudi Arabian owners and everything possible will be done to ensure Becky Langley’s

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Promoting patient behavioral change through food choice and self-monitoring

Teaching patients to observe and document how they feel after eating certain foods can be a highly effective way to encourage positive lifestyle changes, according to Rutgers researchers. To measure

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Saudi Aramco to push ahead with IPO of oil-trading unit

Saudi Aramco (2222.SE) is pushing ahead with plans for an initial public offering of its energy-trading business and is targeting a listing in Riyadh for the end of the year

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Google built a spam backdoor for Republicans — and they aren’t using it

With only weeks until Election Day, the Republican National Committee is escalating its war over Gmail’s spam filters in what critics deem a bad-faith effort to bully Google into letting

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X-ray reveals rare albino alligator in luggage of traveller trying to board flight

An American tourist was caught red-handed smuggling a live rare albino alligator on a flight from Germany to Singapore. The metre-long reptile was discovered by astonished baggage inspectors at Munich

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