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A couple have revealed a shocking ‘snag list’ they incurred at their £450,000 newly built dream home – which includes collapsing walls, broken doors and dodgy electrics.

Nadia, 50, and Damian Jaworska, 35, moved into a dreamy four-bedroom home in June this year, but since then have drawn up a staggering 250 faults in their house.

The couple moved to the Wendel View development in Wellinborough, Northamptonshire.

But since moving into their David Wilson Homes property, they were left horrified to find a catalogue of problems – which just kept on adding up.

Following this, they eventually drew up a ‘snag list’ of issues which needed urgent attention – including a collapsing wall, chips in every window, wonky radiators and shoddy workmanship.

Nadia, a pharmaceutical consultant, said that despite repeatedly calling the house builder to get the issues looked at, the problems have not been resolved; even after five months.

The 50-year-old, who is also battling cancer, said: “We moved into the property because we wanted more space and we considered it our forever home.

“When we walked through the door, it looked like we had moved into an old house that needed doing up.

“My first reaction was to break down in tears. I just cried and got very upset. Since then I’ve had many sleepless nights and my health has deteriorated.”

She continued to say that the ordeal has been, “a very emotional and exhausting experience, especially as I am currently on chemotherapy and all this stress is not helping.”

The pharmaceutical consultant added that the pair have not been able to “fully unpack” and are “only using one out of the four bedrooms upstairs as there’s outstanding work to be done still.”

She said: “After we moved into the property, we filled in the new build property survey form and left feedback about the snags and how unhappy we were.

“We counted more than 250 problems with the house. Everywhere you looked there was a problem from the wonky radiators, to bulging walls to badly fitted electrics. The snag list just went on and on.”

Upon assessing every room, there were a number of issues that they were able to write down, from marks on the stair bannisters, spot lights bulging from the ceilings, and gaps and holes around the fittings, adding: “”We’ve had to let a lot of things go.

“I’m very exhausted and this stress is not helping my cancer or chemotherapy at all.”

One of the main issues the couple found was that the exterior of one of the walls on the property was wonky, and part of it actually needed to be knocked down and completely rebuilt.

And since moving in, the couple of 10 years say that they have had to re-plaster walls, have furniture and doors replaced, and the garden resuraced.

They added that they cannot even use their front door as the lock is faulty. They added that wrong seal was used around the frame, meaning the hallway is constantly cold and drafty.

Speaking about the work the pair have had to do, Damian, who also works in pharmaceuticals, said: “We paid around £30,000 in extras for this house, which included having an expensive kitchen fitted.

“We upgraded all the kitchen cabinets but they have not been installed straight so they are all wonky.”

The 35-year-old added: “The fridge door doesn’t open and close correctly either.

“The carpets were so dusty when we moved in they gave Nadia an asthma attack for the first two days we lived here.”

The couple now fear that the issues will not be resolved in time for winter, especially given that they are planning on having family and friends around.

Nadia, who has two grown-up children, added: “Christmas is a big time for us.

“We start preparing the house early and inviting family over and I don’t feel I can do this.

“I’m embarrassed to even have my neighbours over to my house at the moment. I have had to take time off work to be here for people when they say they are going to come and fix some of the problems.”

She added that the situation is “not only affecting my physical health but my married life and work life” as this has had a huge impact on the couple.

A spokesman for David Wilson Homes South Midlands said: “We are sorry that a customer at our Wendel View development has raised issues with her home, especially after receiving excellent feedback from other residents.

“As a five-star housebuilder customer satisfaction is an absolute priority for us and we are working closely with the customer to resolve the issues, including addressing any defects in the kitchen and replacing the carpets.

“We will remain in regular contact with them to discuss any outstanding issues.”